2 Vital Tips to Not Overwhelm Users

You almost never see nutrition information listed in a prominent position on a package, but why? That information might help to inform a customer, but it is more than likely going to overwhelm most uninformed buyers. That amount of detailed information would more than likely drive most people off. When you are looking for a product, you want to see the product, maybe even how the product is used, or some suggestions in how to use it. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a product on your website, simply that you want your site to inform in wide strokes initially.


1. Create a Hierarchy of Information
We all know that most viewers only consume about 20 percent of information on a webpage, most of which is above the fold of the homepage. That being said, it’s important to be strategic with what should be shared with your audience. Have a proposition or call-to-action earlier on in your hierarchy because your ultimate goal is to engage your viewers. However, odds that the call-to-action would lead to a sale is rare so focus on terminology that engages them enough to get you a lead and go from there. Content becomes key in all aspects of your site. Because you want to also maintain a clean site, eliminate the fluff or unnecessary information.

2. Utilize Different Avenues of Multimedia
Nowadays plain text is just not captivating enough to cut it for most people and because audiences have widespread interests, even one image may not be enough to spark interest. Consider animation, different colored images, and even creating brief video elements on your page. It’s important to mention that because colors or even the lack thereof can add a lot to a page, they must remain congruent. Videos are always a good element because you can pack quite a bit information in them as well. Using video content creatively can allow you to get away with a more dull-designed site so long as it is above the fold and pops.


When a user accesses your website, they should be treated in a similar way to understanding a package at the store. The home page should have wide swath, 30,000 foot views of what your site is about in order to help direct interested people further into your and uninterested folks away from your site. You can keep your site from overwhelming your users by considering these 3 vital things.