What Makes a Successful Facebook Post?

facebook for business

Social media is more pervasive and constant than ever, and figuring out how, why, or what to post on a company’s Facebook page has become an issue that concerns businesses of any size. Opting out of a social media presence isn’t really a choice in the modern business arena, and many owners find themselves trying to navigate social media without a clear vision of how the tools can be implemented to enhance their business.

To form that clear vision, you must ask yourself how you want to engage with your audience. Is your Facebook page where you offer coupons? Where you elicit reviews or responses from your clients? Where you post informative industry articles and information? Your Facebook (and other social media) presence should have a clear, consistent voice and a focused message. It should not be a grab bag of promotional leavings written by different people in different departments. It should be in a voice consistent with that of your company. In fact, it may be the only way people hear the voice of your business, so consistency is key.

Beyond voice, and beyond abstract goals like “vision,” what most people want to know is, “But what do I actually post?” Obviously, there is no formula or guideline as to what a “perfect marketing Facebook post” is. Every company is different. But there is an element that effective social media marketing posts usually do have: something of value for the reader/customer. Coupons, obviously, have a specific a definite value to a customer. New information about products, reviews, articles, a timely cartoon about your industry – all of these provide your audience with something.

On the other hand, many posts fail when they are crass or thinly veiled excuses to sell something. Social media is a savvy arena, and users are cynical, critical, and increasingly fed up with attempts to brashly and clumsily treat them as nothing more than a target or mark. There is an enormous difference between talking with your audience, and talking at your audience, and nobody is interested in being talked at. Your online social media presence is the place where you foster a relationship with your customer.

The key to a successful online and social media presence is offering value to your customers. Give them a reason to care, to comment, or to engage. Facebook is not an avenue to cram more sales tactics down people’s throats, it’s a place to extend the voice of your company and a way for people to better get to know who it is you are and what it is you do. It’s a place to talk with, not at.