Our Platform Makes Life Easy

Build Infinite Design Combinations

We have over 750 standard blocks and we’re always adding more.


Templates are complete pages, pre-built and ready to go. Templates are made out of a series of blocks.


Blocks define and organize your section layout and your content. Blocks are made out of a series of components.


Components are for a deeper level of control. They are your text, images, styles, borders, fonts, etc.

See The Magic For Yourself

I think you’ll admit, it’s pretty cool.

"I've been in charge of the content of a few sites now, mostly on Wordpress or SquareSpace — and I really love this platform. I can go in and make changes myself without breaking things or getting confused."
Lydia @ PLF, Portland, OR

Easy for the Beginner,
but Pros Love the Power

Beyond all the pre-built templates, we also have all the flexibility needed to build something uniquely you.

Full Style Control via the Detail Editor

Style elements are expressed as variables, so you can edit them visually if you don’t want to get into the HTML / Code View

And Full Code Control If You Need It

Don’t worry, you can always revert or reset if something becomes weird or wonky.

Look At These Other Fancy Features

Our Platform Isn’t Just A Pretty Face

Image Editing

Crop and adjust photos

Media Library

Store images, files and videos

Form Handling

Fully editable, spam resistant

Non-Destructive Editing

Revert, restore and undo changes

Preview Before Save

Make sure it looks great before it’s live


Built for Google so you get found

Fully Responsive

Works and looks great on all devices

Manage Multiple Sites

One login to manage multiple sites

Multiple Languages

Sites can be built for any language

You're not alone.
We'll help you build something great.

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We founded Businesstastic on an idea that there is a way to serve small businesses online without all the cost and complexity of a bigger agency. We absolutely love and understand small businesses.

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