Make Your Website an Authority on Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine authority

As the popularity of alternative medicine surges, there has emerged a disproportionate clutter of websites purporting to be experts within the industry.

This trend is alarming, especially for the legitimate practitioners of alternative medicine. Now more than ever it is absolutely critical to your success that you stand apart from the field of imitators and assert your authority.

So – how can you make your website an authority on alternative medicine?

One of the primary keys to authority is ranking well in Google searches via a sustained SEO effort. People inherently view top-ranking websites as trustworthy, and are naturally inclined to view a business as elite if it ranks on the first page. However, the likelihood of ranking nationally for a broad search like “alternative medicine” is minimal due to incredibly vast amounts of competition. Therefore you are better served optimizing your website for local searches that include local geographic modifiers. Make a conscientious effort to scatter your city name, your metro area, your state name, and your state abbreviation on every single page of the website, as well as within the meta data of every page on the website. When somebody searches for “alternative medicine in [your city]” you are drastically more likely to rank first, appear authoritative, and consequently earn their business.

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An equally important factor for appearing authoritative in the world of alternative medicine is maintaining an elegant, functional, and modern website design. Websites that appear outdated and/or unattractive are quickly disregarded by the public, while those that fail to capture leads (regardless of their attractiveness) are functionally pointless. To achieve the desired result it is important to consult with a professional website design company like Businesstastic that specializes in alternative medicine websites. As a basic guideline, you should adhere to the following best practices for web design:

  1. Elegant: Minimize all clutter, streamline your sales funnel, utilize a clear call to action, implement a non-abrasive color-scheme
  2. Functional: Ensure the website is capable of capturing leads, check that all visitor data is tracked via Google Analytics, place all forms in easily accessible areas, streamline the lead capturing process by only requiring a minimum amount of information
  3. Modern: Utilize a “responsive” (i.e, mobile-friendly) design, implement other modern design effects

To further build trust and authority, it behooves practitioners of alternative medicine to highlight their achievements within the industry. With countless competitors purporting to be experts, you should always draw immediate attention to your certifications, awards, and positive patient experiences. Utilizing authentic testimonials can be an effective tactic, especially when you are given permission by the author of the testimonial to use their first name, last name, and their professional title (as opposed to simply using their first name and last initial).

Implementing as many of these tips as possible will assist in your website’s journey to achieving elite website authority. For more information and assistance in achieving authority for your alternative medicine website, feel free to contact our team at Businesstastic.