How to Use Facebook for Your Business

how to use facebook

Heavy lies the crown.

Once unrivaled in its reign of popularity, Facebook is warding off increased competition every day from a swelling legion of social media foes like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others.

The armies waging war against Facebook are growing, and it seems like every opposing start up is joining rank to participate in the onslaught.

However, Facebook does unquestionably remain the king of social media in 2015. And until its crown is toppled by a rival, it still behooves all advertisers to consider forming an advertising allegiance with the venerable leader.

But how can your business utilize Facebook to expand into an empire? What follows are some basic tips that all business can follow to amplify its online success.

1) Provide incentives for liking your page

Every like of your page is essentially a vote of brand loyalty. But loyalty can be both fickle and fleeting. In an ideal world all likes would occur organically, but in reality incentives drive actions. It is vitally important that you provide a tangible benefit for liking your page – coupons, inside deals, early notifications, etc. Providing such will drive likes while also encouraging your loyal followers to view your page more often, thereby perpetuating the cycle of loyalty.

2) Drive meaningful interactions w/ your customers

Facebook is an ideal forum for business owners and managers to circumvent the typical tangle of red tape and directly interact with their customers. Instead of simply posting news or self-congratulatory material, a more savvy action is to encourage dialogue by digging for the opinions of your followers. For example, “We are considering replacing Product A with Product B – what does everybody think?”. These types of interactions give your followers the illusion of having control over small aspects of your business. Consequently they feel invested in your success, and more likely to continue being a loyal customer in the future.

3) Advertise to the right people

Facebook advertising is a highly nuanced, highly granular medium where you can choose to show ads to the entire world or conversely to an unfathomably narrow swath of people. Age, location, gender, education, job title, relationship status and other intuitive metrics are only the beginning. You you can also target based on seemingly invasive characteristics like upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, vacation preferences, spending habits, interests, pets, life events, fitness levels, and more. Facebook knows a lot more about you, and about its users, than you can possible imagine. Through Facebook advertising you can choose to be as broad or as narrow as you desire.

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