How Often Should I Email My Customers?

email marketing frequency

With email marketing being more cost effective than traditional advertising methods, business owners are constantly trying to figure out how often they should email their customers. In the meantime most consumers are trying to figure out how to get off email lists in general. Because there is nothing more annoying that having your inbox blow up with emails from everyone under the sun trying to sell you something.

Most of the time we unknowingly sign up for marketing emails when we purchase items online and other times we just end up on someone’s spam list. It’s beyond frustrating and most people quickly hit the “delete” or “unsubscribe” button before even reading the message, yes, even I do it and I am sure you have done it too! But would you take the time to read the message if it was of interest or relevant to you?

Sadly most companies focus on the question of – How often should I email my customers – when they really should be focusing on a completely different set of questions. Before you decide to engage in email marketing, ask yourself, “Do my customers even want to hear from me?” and if so, “What would they be interested in reading?.” Try not to assume that when a person buys from you, they want to hear from you after the sale. Because chances are, they don’t. Also, I hate to break it to you but there is no magic number on how often you should email your customers. Because it all depends on your audience and your content.

Some marketers recommend sending once every 30 days, others say send as often as you like if the content is relevant, engaging and useful to your audience, and others recommend paying attention to your existing customer relationships and interactions and build your email schedule around that. You are not leveraging email marketing if you are just sending sale offers every day. Doing that is really no different than sending direct snail mail ads and you shouldn’t expect a great return on your investment. Traditional direct mail has a less than 1% rate of return, email marketing can be greater but not if you waste the effort.

It is important to be strategic if you want to be successful. The magic formula is not a number but rather a mix of understanding your customer, providing them with content they care about, and making sure you have their permission to email them. You should always focus on quality of content rather than quantity of messages. Otherwise you will end up with a ton of unsubscribes and an audience who will begin to tune out your messages. No one likes a pushy sales person, and email messages can come across that way, so make the message meaningful and you will be more successful.