Small Business and Community: Volunteering

Chances are very good that if you own a small business, you live near your business. That means you are a part of that community both as a business owner and as a citizen. Whenever a natural disaster, like Hurricane Harvey, occurs there are always examples of people and businesses pitching in to help victims. It’s a good time to reflect on how you and your small business can prepare for and help those in need, not just during a disaster, but especially during a disaster.   Send Cash to National Disaster Victims For a major disaster like Hurricane Harvey, victims are going to need money. If you know someone specifically, send them cash. If you know someone by extension, … Read More

Eclipse 2017

Since we are based in Portland, OR, we feel like it would be a huge miss on our part to not talk about how excited we are for The Great American Eclipse – because we own the sun now!   TRAFFIC AND THE APOCALYPSE!! A few of our colleagues aren’t even going to chance the traffic come Monday. Reports range from apocalyptic panic of don’t go anywhere or do anything thanks to Seattle-ites trying to catch a glimpse of our eclipes (IT’S OURS!), to less severe stay off of major highways and less major highways that you can’t stay off of necessarily. In town, we aren’t too worried since side streets should be mostly open, right?? It’s cool though, there … Read More

Shopify’s New Card Reader

The eCommerce scene is constantly changing and evolving to include more and better software and technology in order to assist e-tailers increase their conversion rates. However, there are still tons of physical retail stores that are coupled with those online stores. Square took advantage of the SMB (small to medium business) market when it unleashed it’s free POS system to coffee shops and food carts around the country for free. Now Shopify has released a similar card reader and has Square in it’s sights.   The New Shopify Card Reader Shopify is already big and getting bigger. 2016 was a massive year for them according to their 2016 financial report. Coupled with Facebook and Amazon integrations, Shopify is set up … Read More

News Roundup

This week has seen some pretty awesome news stories – from the futuristic to the bizarre – but we wanted to share a few of our favorites.   Overwatch is an Awesome Game A favorite game of the folks in our office, Overwatch, came out last spring. This story from Wired is both touching and touches on how amazing it is when a brand or business identifies with it’s customers. Turns out, one of their heros is autistic, which only came to light after an autistic young man wrote in to Blizzard.   The Future of Transportation Hyperloop, the vacuum sealed tube and sled combo that is possibly set to revolutionize transportation had its first successful test. As far as … Read More

Responsive sites: Pokemon Go Turns One; Reflections on 2016

Last year, it was hard to have a conversation with someone around this time. I was in Philadelphia and it seemed like everyone, including the people I was with were playing Pokemon Go!. You could tell immediately where traps were and I saw a couple near accidents from people who were glued to their screens. I had played Niantic’s previous game, Ingress, to some success since I lived in a portal rich area and walked my dogs daily, but I never joined the Pokemon Go! craze. Some of the theories in this post are based purely on observations and assumptions that I made last summer. With Pokemon Go! celebrating its first year, I thought it would be fun to tie … Read More

Top Technology Executives Meet with Trump Administration

Silicon Valley Execs in Washington   It seems strange that the Trump administration would be able to call the top Silicon Valley execs to Washington when so many have been critical of him, but he’s done it twice. Yesterday, a meeting, organized by Jared Kushner, between 18 tech execs and the administration took place in order to discuss the future of technology for the government.   Cloud based computing and data storage were among the focal points during the day’s workshops. Most notably, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, pushed the government to use Amazon as a contractor and move their 6,100 out of date data centers to the Amazon hosted cloud. How out of date are some of the … Read More

Google Trends for 2016

businesstastic google trends

Roughly 10 weeks remain in the 2015 calendar before we flip to 2016. As we know Google trends advance much more quickly than our calendars – so what can we realistically expect in the ever-evolving world of search engines for 2016? One point that must be hammered home is the idea that Google is completely obsessed with facilitating an easier and easier experience for its users. Theoretically if a search engine is very easy to use, and delivers answers exceptionally quickly with minimal interference, it is more likely to be used again and again in the future. It is indisputable that “ease of use” has always been a strength for Google. However, Google recognizes that is has ample room to … Read More