The Art of Business: The Small Market

There are a few things more frustrating than realizing that you will always be behind someone else or some other company. Luckily you need not remain that way. If you are currently stuck looking up at other companies making more money than you or better positioned in a market than your company, you can change! You can find a small market within your own city sometimes; sometimes you have to move markets, but either way, you can change your focus.   The Small Market Walmart might be the most famous example of this kind of market exposure. The story goes kind of like this: Sam Walton’s wife didn’t want to live in the city anymore, so they moved to the … Read More

10 Tips for Dating Potential Clients

We’ve mentioned that you can choose your clients, that you can pick who you work with, and that this selection process can be extremely beneficial to you, your clients, and your business. But how do you go about qualifying potential clients? Some companies use a gatekeeper to keep out the crazy, some companies have a more rigorous contact form on their website, and some companies simply refuse to do business with anyone outside of their bottom line price. All of these things make it a bit easier to ensure that your time isn’t wasted as much – there are still going to be a few shall we say, interesting phone calls here and there – but how do you make … Read More

High End Clients

Ideally, you want to target the clients that will bring you the most income. There is a common theme that you don’t want more than 25% of your income to come from one client, and that ensures that if anything happens to one of your clients, your whole company does not falter or fail. However, lining up clients that represent a large chunk of your overall income is beneficial in that the more upper echelon – income wise – clients you line up, the smaller percent of your income they represent.   Shopping for High End Clients Most of the time, you aren’t going to have top level, high end, big money clients knocking on your door asking for your … Read More

How to Choose Your Clients

There was once a pizza shop owner who refused to sell beer despite employees showing him the numbers: the return on his investment in a fridge, CO2, and kegs. The restaurant wasn’t in the best location; it would get transients from time to time and finding needles in the trash or bathroom wasn’t unheard of. The owner cited these things when he turned down the requests to sell beer. “It would attract the wrong crowd,” he would say. Unfortunately, he never accepted the idea of pricing out ‘the wrong crowd.’ He failed to realize that you can choose  your clients.   Choose your Clients At first, with pretty much any business, you have to be scrappy. You have to take … Read More

Your Customers Don’t Care About Industry Trends

While you might be thinking that you need to stay on top of the latest industry trends, technology, and advancements, your customers aren’t thinking about those things at all. Certainly, you should stay abreast of trends and whatever else is new out there in your industry, but that doesn’t mean implementing things immediately.   Your Customers Don’t Care About Experiments On the whole, customers are looking for reliability, experience, and consistency. Trying out the latest and supposedly greatest new thing in your industry might give you something to brag about with other folks in your industry, that is until it fails, but your customers aren’t going to care. They aren’t even going to pay attention for the most part.   … Read More

Ethics: How You Conduct your Business Matters

Setting up contracts with your customers, negotiating fair prices, and following through on your commitments are all part of doing sound business. They help you and your business become successful. Outwardly, you set up boundaries for your business regarding how you will act and how you expect your clients to act. But what about guidelines for how your competitors, employees, and others?  Ethics are another important part of how you do business that can really make a difference.   Ethics: Small Business Basics Ethics have been described as how you conduct yourself when no one is watching. They are a kind of code of conduct that you hold yourself to. In effect, they are the building blocks for character. Character … Read More

Small Business: The Right Clients

If only we could be so selective as to bring on clients who not only provide income, but also help promote our small business by providing us with leads and new clients. Turns out, you can. You don’t have to settle for any old client in order to make a living. Certainly, it can be tough to wait for a good client to come around when things are tight, but it is worth it.   The Right Clients for Recommendations Word of mouth will never go out of business practice. Even places like Amazon and Google recommend getting recommendations from your customers as we – as the human race – still rely heavily on peer reviews before we make a … Read More

Benefits of a CMS

  Do you know coding languages like JavaScript, CSS, C#, or HTML? If so, then this post might not be for you. A CMS (content management system) is an awesome way for those of us without coding knowledge to still update a website. Drupal, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine are all examples of popular CMS that still allow you or a developer get into the backend and make a super custom website in the backend while still allowing you to update blogs, news, and other content on your site. Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are all examples of CMS that don’t allow you any flexibility except in moving blocks around on your site. Businesstastic was created to fill the gap in small business … Read More

Women in Tech: Office Equality

This is a constant hot-button issue and we are more than pleased to say that our offices do an excellent job of ensuring that equality and respect are constantly followed. In fact, it’s pretty much second nature for everyone that works around here – we share an office with our sister companies GRAYBOX and Run AMZ – so much so that no one batted an eye when our receptionist, Rachael, got to bring her new baby into work. Actually, we miss Mia. It makes it all the more troubling and confusing when articles like this surface, or the issues around Uber and their CEO, or any number of other problems with women in tech.   Equality in the Workplace Especially … Read More

Small Business Management Tips

small business management

Small business management can be challenging, but here are a few tips to help you down the path to success… Get and Stay Organized Set up processes, tools and training to help your team execute tasks and be successful in their jobs. When you set up systems that work, not only will your employees be more efficient, but they will be happier because you are setting them up to win. You should invest the time and money in training your employees, and be sure to purchase necessary software or tools they need to perform their daily tasks, but you can save money on back office systems if you do a little research. For example there are many free and low … Read More

Common Threats to a Family Run Small Business

family business

Every business is faced with challenges. However, as a family small business owner, you are faced with unique threats to your business that, if not recognized and addressed quickly, will drastically affect your success in the market place. Here are a few common threats that every family business faces and tips on how to manage them. Feuding There is simply no fun and games when it comes to family feuds in your business. Family businesses are faced with internal conflict that typically arises from the inability to separate your business and personal lives. Sometimes the feuding is due to the varied interests of each family member, personal egos or personal rivalries that spill into the business environment. Regardless of the … Read More

Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

small business networking

It is a fact that we are much stronger when we work together. Forming partnerships with other businesses can help you reach more people in less time, and control your overall costs. If you are a small business, chances are you are trying to increase sales on a limited budget. With little time to devote to your own marketing, strategic partnerships are key to increasing your sales faster. Here are a few networking tips to help get you started. Form Mutual Benefit Partnerships Make sure you partner with companies who reach your target market, but who offer a different service. It is important to note that the partnership should be beneficial for both companies, this way you can build a … Read More

Quick Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

reduce stress at work

We all seem to be running a million miles per hour, juggling many tasks and for most of us there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. This tends to increase our stress levels and that in turn impacts our productivity, but more importantly our health. But there are a few easy things you can do to help reduce stress level and increase your efficiency at work. Break it Up Peel your eyes off that computer screen for five to ten minutes every hour. Look at a point across the room, or if possible out a window and rest a bit. You can also stand up and stretch a little. Take frequent short breaks … Read More

Why DIY web design is a bad idea.

Much like you shouldn’t attempt to perform surgery on yourself or represent yourself in a court of law, you shouldn’t attempt to take on designing and marketing your website either. Because what seems like a savings in the beginning can actually cost a lot more in the long run, not to mention, waste a ton of your valuable time. Remember, there is truth to the saying “You get what you pay for” and some things you just should not skimp on. So before you decide to embrace the DIY fad of building your own website, just to save a few bucks, please consider these questions… Are you highly skilled in graphic design and web development? Do you have years of … Read More