Contractual Relationships: Small Business Basics

One of the most important things that you can do as a small business owner is communicate clearly with your customers. One of the best, legally backed, ways to communicate on the goods and services that you will be providing a customer is through a contract. For those in the creative industry, this can be a process of negotiations, rewriting, and coming up with a final agreeable solution. For other small businesses, it is as simple as a customer selecting the services they require and signing the contract. Regardless of the amount of flexibility your services come with, you should incorporate a contract into your business relationships.   Contractual Relationships While it might seem like an impersonal way to do … Read More

Trademarks: Small Business Basics

Last week, we spoke about trademarks in a rough overview and left you with a bit of a confusing end: you don’t really need a trademark, but it can be extremely beneficial if you have one. That isn’t the most helpful idea in the world, but we wanted to break it down and explain when you need and don’t really a trademark.   Trademarks: You Should Really File Basically, if you own a business that has interaction with the public, you should think very strongly about having a trademark for your logo and any wording that you want to be property of your company. Creative, legal, medical, and consulting firms that do work on behalf of their clients ought to … Read More

3 Types of Defamation: Small Business Basics

  Your Good Name and Defamation You have worked hard to start a small business: you’ve worked tirelessly for your clients and customers, you’ve spent a ton of time and energy creating an image and brand, and you have invested your own money to make it work. It would be awful if someone tried to drag your name or image through the mud in an effort to hurt you or your business. Knowing a bit about defamation can help you and your company in the long run.   Defamation Defamation is when there is intent to communicate a false statement to a third party via slander or libel. Slander is an oral assertion of a falsehood whereas libel is when … Read More

You Best Protect Ya Neck: Trademarks

You probably spent a lot of time thinking of a name for your small business even if it ended up being your name and what you do – Mike’s Landscaping, for instance. You had to make sure that there were no other companies in your immediate vicinity with that name or something similar doing what you do or something similar. After you figured out what to call yourself, you may have spent time creating a logo or having someone create a logo for you. Turns out, you don’t have to register any of these things as trademarks, but doing so can have massive impacts on the future of your business.   Why Register Trademarks? Turns out, having a registered trademark … Read More

Small Business Basics: Insurance

Insurance is there for you and your small business if the worst happens. Theft? Natural Disaster? Long or short-term disability? Unemployment? The things that happened to Jurassic Park? All of that stuff is covered by some sort of insurance – maybe not Jurassic Park, that was pretty much a given that the dinosaurs would break out and run rampant. You and your small business typically pay a monthly fee to ensure that if or when the worst happens, you have some sort of safety net.   Personal Insurance This is your typical health insurance (medical, vision, dental) that covers employees if they get sick or need glasses. Businesses can pay all of the premium or some of the premium and … Read More

The H-1B Visa and Small Business

While the current administration is trying to tighten immigration in the US, we feel strongly about accepting immigrants. The H-1B visa is a great way to bring educated immigrants into the country with support from a business. The H-1B requires sponsorship from a business, but even a small business can sponsor an H-1B visa for a qualified candidate.   Avoiding Brain Drain One of the early trademarks of a dictatorship is the brain drain: when the top level of educated people leave a country, fearing for their safety, their family’s safety, and their livelihoods. Other countries typically welcome them with open arms because these people represent some of the best and brightest of their nation. The videos in this article … Read More

Succession Planning Basics for Small Businesses

succession planning

Ensuring your business survives after you are gone requires a solid plan. While the succession planning process may seem overwhelming at first, do not let that discourage you from getting started. Once you learn the basics, it will be easier than you anticipated. Here are a few simple steps to help guide you in developing your plan. Choose a New Leader Determine if you will have an employee or family member who can assume the new leadership role. Be sure to make a selection based on who has the best potential for being successful as the new leader. Try to avoid making an emotional decision. Mentor the Next Generation Develop a training program to mentor the next generation to effectively … Read More


hipaa compliant website

As a medical professional, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a web presence. We all know that HIPAA compliance is an important consideration for any medical practice, but do you actually know if the forms on your website are compliant? Do you need to have a HIPAA-compliant website in the first place? This is an issue that all medical practices face with advancements in technology and the use of website design to capture patient information online. The HIPAA Security Rules apply to health care plans, health clearinghouses, and to any healthcare provider who transmits protected health information (PHI) electronically. Basically if you plan on having a customer submit protected information via your website, you need to have a HIPAA … Read More