Business Basics: Teams

We’ve discussed the important things to think about when you are making your first hire, but what about when you are creating teams of individuals to work on a project. Maybe you have hired the individuals who work for you with this in mind, but you might also be working with contractors and vendors – figuring out all the pieces to the puzzle can be tricky.   Who Works Well Together? An old adage is that you don’t have to like the people you work with; you just have to work with them. While this is certainly true, it really helps to like the people you work with. There are some people that might never work well together, but it … Read More

Ethics: How You Conduct your Business Matters

Setting up contracts with your customers, negotiating fair prices, and following through on your commitments are all part of doing sound business. They help you and your business become successful. Outwardly, you set up boundaries for your business regarding how you will act and how you expect your clients to act. But what about guidelines for how your competitors, employees, and others?  Ethics are another important part of how you do business that can really make a difference.   Ethics: Small Business Basics Ethics have been described as how you conduct yourself when no one is watching. They are a kind of code of conduct that you hold yourself to. In effect, they are the building blocks for character. Character … Read More

Small Business: How to Hire Creative

Congratulations! You have grown your small business enough to hire a creative person for your design/artwork/marketing!The only problem: how do you hire the right person for the job? That can be tricky especially if you do not have experience with design – which is probably why you are hiring someone. One major questions to answer: are you hiring someone to do full-time work for your clients, or can you afford to hire a contractor for the time being?   Design Tools This interview is going to take some research on your part, as well. Design tools have changed dramatically over the last two decades and especially over the last decade. A designer with Adobe Flash experience would have great even … Read More

Small Business and Community: Volunteering

Chances are very good that if you own a small business, you live near your business. That means you are a part of that community both as a business owner and as a citizen. Whenever a natural disaster, like Hurricane Harvey, occurs there are always examples of people and businesses pitching in to help victims. It’s a good time to reflect on how you and your small business can prepare for and help those in need, not just during a disaster, but especially during a disaster.   Send Cash to National Disaster Victims For a major disaster like Hurricane Harvey, victims are going to need money. If you know someone specifically, send them cash. If you know someone by extension, … Read More

5 Tips for Small Business Hiring

How do you hire the right people for your small business when you are expanding? There can be a ton of trepidation with small business hiring. When you decide to expand your business from just yourself to include another employee you are putting a ton of trust into that person. You aren’t simply hiring an employee, you are hiring someone that you are going to have a ton of contact with and that means looking for more than just the skills to get a job done.   Small Business Hiring: Nurturing Growth The first question to answer is whether or not you actually need to hire someone. You can outsource marketing – once you have a product – or other … Read More

Business, People, and Culture

In April, our sister company, GRAYBOX announced then Technical Director, Mark Middleton’s move to DPaC – Director of People and Culture. It is a move that makes a ton of sense and after a conversation at GRAYBOX’s 4th of July Barbecue it got me thinking about the role businesses play in employees lives.   The 40 Hour Work Week, Balance, and Motivation My dad ended his career working in HR, but had stints in different HR roles throughout his career including a time as a company’s Chief of Recreation and another as the Grand Puba of Events. He was chatting with Mark about what exactly Mark’s role entailed. Mark stated, with a smile, that he was HR parallel: where HR … Read More