Boosters FAQ’s (affiliate)

Booster Program FAQs

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What is Businesstastic?

Businesstastic is an exciting venture-backed startup that helps small businesses improve their marketing and web presence by leveraging the unique BT website platform to create and host responsive template-based websites. Businesstastic uses automation and advanced web technologies to provide small businesses with a high-quality digital agency experience for a low cost. We’re ALL about exceptional service and making things as easy as possible for our clients. Our platform competes with SquareSpace — but we setup and configure everything for you. We make it easy to have a great website.

Why does Businesstastic Exist?

Our mission is to help small businesses across the country, by making technology easier so that they can go worry about their business. We take care of everything for them! It’s the perfect solution for restaurants, retail stores, professional services, work from home businesses, etc. Just read our Success Stories!

Besides Websites, what does Businesstastic Offer?

Currently, we offer Websites, Ecommerce, Copywriting and SEO-Services. We intend to add more services over time including a deeper ecommerce experience, payments, CRM, and other software for small business.

What is the Booster Program?

The goal is to mobilize a network of people in the community that is actually connected to small business owners. As you live your life and find people who operate or own a small business, refer them to us and we’ll take care of their website needs, and you’ll earn a payout as a Thank You!

Who Makes a Good Booster?

Anyone can do it! Just have a passion for helping people and don’t be afraid to meet people.

How do Payouts Work?

Your referrals will be displayed on your Booster page after you log in, and you will be able to see when a lead goes from pending to approved so you know when you have qualified for an award. You’ll also get an email with the confirmation when the award has been approved. We’ll total any payouts you earned during the month. On the 15th of the month, we’ll submit your payment, and it should post in your Bank account within 2-days or Paypal immediately.

How Much are the Payouts?

Payouts for all plans (we have four plan levels) are $1,000 per signed account. Yes $1,000!

Where do I send people I meet?

All Boosters get their own webpage on our site, which will have some info about you as well as a lead form where you are credited for the lead. Alternatively, you will be provided a unique URL that goes to the website. The person you refer will be credited to you as long as they fill out a form within 45-days.

Do you guys provide Booster Materials?

Yes! We have assets for you to download and print (at your cost) in the creative section of our Booster web portal. These include flyers, posters, business cards, etc. Just put in your unique code and URL!

What Makes an Ideal Client?

Anyone that needs a simple website that works perfectly, needs help and doesn’t want to think about it! We take care of everything for our clients so they can focus on their business.

I’m Interested, now what?

Sign Up! Go to the Booster Home Page and fill out the quick application. We respond quickly so that you can start earning money right away.