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Mike Grill // August 18, 2017

Since we are based in Portland, OR, we feel like it would be a huge miss on our part to not talk about how excited we are for The Great American Eclipse – because we own the sun now!   TRAFFIC AND THE APOCALYPSE!! A few of our colleagues aren’t even going to chance the […]

Mike Grill // August 11, 2017

Yesterday we talked about how keywords should reflect your site architecture and your site architecture ought to reflect your sales funnel. With B2B websites, you are trying to capture anyone at pretty much every stage of the funnel and your content can be a massive help. Using keywords to help your content and positioning your […]

Mike Grill // August 10, 2017

We’ve briefly discussed AdWords and paid search campaigns. For B2C websites, search queries can be very wide ranging: someone looking to purchase shoes might only type ‘shoes’ into the search engine to see what comes up. B2B queries, and therefore keywords, are much more specific and purchase related. Like we mentioned yesterday, there is very […]

Mike Grill // August 7, 2017

Marijuana is legal in all of the West Coast states in the US. That is a massive amount of small businesses that have just opened up. The problem? Since marijuana is not federally regulated, banks aren’t accepting dispensaries for accounts. It’s a shame, but this means that dispensaries can’t take cards, checks, or any other […]

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