Author: Tom Mertz

Tom Mertz // October 15, 2015

semantic markup businesstastic

What is Semantic Markup? At the core of every web page is a language called HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and defines what functions a specific block of text will have. For example, to tell the browser to display a headline the text would be wrapped in a header tag. Likewise, a p […]

Tom Mertz // October 1, 2015

user experience tips

What is User Experience (UX)? If you’ve ever heard or seen “UX,” then you have at least glimpsed into the world of User Experience. Though you may not know it, UX stands for User Experience and it is used to describe how your customers interact with your site, what buttons they click on, how they […]

Tom Mertz // September 28, 2015

good site content

The Times are a Changin’ Gone are the days of easy SEO, where link farms could point to a domain and instantly increase its ranking overnight. For businesses, this may seem unfortunate, but for the Internet overall it improves the quality of content for everyone. Search engines now display results that are more relevant to […]

Tom Mertz // September 21, 2015

google business

More and more these days people are using their devices to discover businesses near them. Business location, hours, and directions are just a Google search away and it’s important that your business registers with Google so that you can maximize your business’s visibility on the web. Not only will your business information appear in search […]

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