Author: Kyle Moynihan

Kyle Moynihan // January 13, 2016

Retargeting for Alternative Medicine Websites

As the popularity of alternative medicine continues to elevate, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an elite website and advertise it prudently. There are countless channels to advertise alternative medicine websites, however some of them are clearly superior to others. For the sake of simplicity, let’s break down potential advertising targets into two categories: 1) […]

Kyle Moynihan // December 22, 2015

seo errors businesstastic

All businesses seem to acknowledge that SEO is vitally important. However, very few engage in the process correctly. I generally abide by two very simple SEO rules. The first is “do no harm” and the second is “fix what’s broken”. By “do no harm” I am referring to avoiding black hat tactics that actively damage […]


Kyle Moynihan // December 16, 2015

alternative medicine authority

As the popularity of alternative medicine surges, there has emerged a disproportionate clutter of websites purporting to be experts within the industry. This trend is alarming, especially for the legitimate practitioners of alternative medicine. Now more than ever it is absolutely critical to your success that you stand apart from the field of imitators and […]

Kyle Moynihan // November 30, 2015

google analytics for beginners

Google Analytics is a complex vortex of data. The sheer volume of information contained within Google Analytics often discourages beginners from attempting to master it, despite its widely understood usefulness. Most novices, however, are unaware that even the most savvy users of the tool tend to view Analytics through a very narrow lens that filters […]

Kyle Moynihan // November 20, 2015

how to use facebook

Heavy lies the crown. Once unrivaled in its reign of popularity, Facebook is warding off increased competition every day from a swelling legion of social media foes like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others. The armies waging war against Facebook are growing, and it seems like every opposing start up is joining rank to participate […]

Kyle Moynihan // November 3, 2015

why do I need a website

Small business owners are decision makers by nature. Performing daily calculations of risk versus reward, as well as investment versus potential return on investment, are unavoidable components of nurturing the growth of a business. The question ‘why do I need a website’ is a common one, what with free website builders, social media, and the […]

Kyle Moynihan // October 25, 2015

online advertising businesstastic

Despite what hawkish and opportunistic advertising agencies may push on you, paid search and other forms of advertising are not right for every small business. Fortunately there are honest companies like Businesstastic that rely on diverse sources of revenue to maintain profitability. Consequently we only suggest paid search and other forms of advertising to our […]

Kyle Moynihan // October 23, 2015

seo evolution businesstastic

I started my professional career as a search engine optimization specialist in 2009. While much of the world still looks the same, the entire landscape of SEO shifted and transformed itself into a nearly unrecognizable shape in those six years. Let’s take a look at how the evolution of SEO has evolved in that time. […]


Kyle Moynihan // October 21, 2015

businesstastic google trends

Roughly 10 weeks remain in the 2015 calendar before we flip to 2016. As we know Google trends advance much more quickly than our calendars – so what can we realistically expect in the ever-evolving world of search engines for 2016? One point that must be hammered home is the idea that Google is completely […]

Kyle Moynihan // October 19, 2015

how to write meta titles

In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization, a landscape where previously important factors fade into extinction seemingly overnight, meta titles have shown remarkable staying power. Meta titles were vitally important in 2008, and they remain vitally important in 2015. There are very few pieces of SEO where that remains an entirely true statement. By […]

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