Author: Brett Moore

Brett Moore // November 5, 2015

hipaa compliant website

As a medical professional, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a web presence. We all know that HIPAA compliance is an important consideration for any medical practice, but do you actually know if the forms on your website are compliant? Do you need to have a HIPAA-compliant website in the first place? This is […]


Brett Moore // October 9, 2015

Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach toward design and user experience. Before the dawn of the mobile age (with advanced browsing capability), web developers had only one primary challenge to deal with,  keeping the same look and feel of their websites on various desktop computer browsers. However, interacting with websites on mobile devices is […]

Brett Moore // September 30, 2015

website security for small business

It’s mind-boggling to think of the information that is stored on the internet these days. As consumers we have come to expect a level of security when purchasing goods online. Equally, if we are required to have a certain piece of software to view a site, we can download this add-on with relative comfort. What […]

Brett Moore // September 23, 2015

how to improve site speed

Websites of old were created to be static HTML(Hyper-text Markup Language) pages, and it was generally recommended to avoid complicated markup, and keep your javascript code to a minimum so that the average web user didn’t need to go grab a Diet Coke out of the fridge while your site loaded. Fast forward to today’s […]

Brett Moore // September 14, 2015

password security for small businesses

Let’s be real, passwords are annoying, everyday we are asked to enter in a password for our email, a pin for our debit card, and a security code to open our garage door. There are so many different combinations for different “secure” places in our lives that remembering the passwords we have is a chore […]

Brett Moore // September 12, 2015

content management system for small business

If your business website is outdated, chances are you are relying on a “static” webpage to display your information to your targeted audience. A static or fixed website is usually a “brochure” type of site where the content does not need to change often or at all and where the number of pages is typically […]

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