2 Vital Tips to Not Overwhelm Users

You almost never see nutrition information listed in a prominent position on a package, but why? That information might help to inform a customer, but it is more than likely going to overwhelm most uninformed buyers. That amount of detailed information would more than likely drive most people off. When you are looking for a product, you want to see the product, maybe even how the product is used, or some suggestions in how to use it. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a product on your website, simply that you want your site to inform in wide strokes initially.   1. Create a Hierarchy of Information We all know that most viewers only consume about 20 percent … Read More

The Power of Simplicity

The Power of Simplicity

You might have a simple product or service; you might have a complex product or service; either way, the more you can make everything simple, the better. It falls in line with focusing your business, having a seamless elevator pitch, and knowing your position. The easier you can explain who you are and what you do, the easier it will be to sell your product or service.   Simplicity Sells There are a couple thing working against you if your company does something more complex: People have relatively short attention spans People can be dismissive of technical jargon   The more mired you get into the specifics of what you do, the more chance you have of driving someone away. … Read More

How to Sell Your Service

Selling a Service

Services are so much more about a relationship than almost anything else. Think about it this way: you can be a real jerk, but sell a great product and as long as people have limited contact with you, you can be a success. However, if you are selling a service – whether that is technical support or drinks in a bar – then your customers and clients are much more interested in your relationship. You cannot be a jerk if you sell services because services necessitate human interaction.   Selling a Service is Selling a Relationship Whether it is landscaping, painting, web development, or bartending, people tend to care more about the relationship than they do about the product. You … Read More

How to Improve Your Contact Points

Improve Your Contact Points

If you want to get better at talking to people, look at how you speak to them currently. Go over your phone calls and your emails and, as best you can, your interactions with people. Become analytical about your interactions if you want to become better at interacting.   Improving Your Contact Points Are your sales struggling, or are you losing customers, or are your customers unhappy, or is everything fine, but you don’t get good feedback from folks? If you are looking to improve any of these areas, then you must get analytic about your contact with other people. This might sound strange, but if you think about it like a head coach analyzing a game, it might make … Read More

The Art of Business: The Small Market

There are a few things more frustrating than realizing that you will always be behind someone else or some other company. Luckily you need not remain that way. If you are currently stuck looking up at other companies making more money than you or better positioned in a market than your company, you can change! You can find a small market within your own city sometimes; sometimes you have to move markets, but either way, you can change your focus.   The Small Market Walmart might be the most famous example of this kind of market exposure. The story goes kind of like this: Sam Walton’s wife didn’t want to live in the city anymore, so they moved to the … Read More

The Last Impression

We have all heard about making a lasting first impression, about how much a first impression matters, about the first impression being everything. But is it?   The Last Impression Unless you make a terrible, terrible first impression, you typically have time to recover and make up for something you’ve done or said. Obviously, if this is a meeting with a potential client or job interview, then don’t be late because that is a first impression that tends to linger poorly. You can make a bad first impression and still remain in a conversation that is worthwhile and beneficial. Plenty of times the first impression is really only stuck in your head.   Turns out the last impression can be … Read More

10 Tips for Dating Potential Clients

We’ve mentioned that you can choose your clients, that you can pick who you work with, and that this selection process can be extremely beneficial to you, your clients, and your business. But how do you go about qualifying potential clients? Some companies use a gatekeeper to keep out the crazy, some companies have a more rigorous contact form on their website, and some companies simply refuse to do business with anyone outside of their bottom line price. All of these things make it a bit easier to ensure that your time isn’t wasted as much – there are still going to be a few shall we say, interesting phone calls here and there – but how do you make … Read More

High End Clients

Ideally, you want to target the clients that will bring you the most income. There is a common theme that you don’t want more than 25% of your income to come from one client, and that ensures that if anything happens to one of your clients, your whole company does not falter or fail. However, lining up clients that represent a large chunk of your overall income is beneficial in that the more upper echelon – income wise – clients you line up, the smaller percent of your income they represent.   Shopping for High End Clients Most of the time, you aren’t going to have top level, high end, big money clients knocking on your door asking for your … Read More

How to Choose Your Clients

There was once a pizza shop owner who refused to sell beer despite employees showing him the numbers: the return on his investment in a fridge, CO2, and kegs. The restaurant wasn’t in the best location; it would get transients from time to time and finding needles in the trash or bathroom wasn’t unheard of. The owner cited these things when he turned down the requests to sell beer. “It would attract the wrong crowd,” he would say. Unfortunately, he never accepted the idea of pricing out ‘the wrong crowd.’ He failed to realize that you can choose  your clients.   Choose your Clients At first, with pretty much any business, you have to be scrappy. You have to take … Read More

Your Company’s Future: Sales

When you are on your own working on projects and assignments for customers, the ups and downs, feast and famine, and peaks and valleys of when you are busy or not are fairly predictable. It can be relatively easy to withstand a famine when it is just you on your own, but when you have employees who are relying on you to keep steady work for them, it is a whole other ballgame.   Steady Work You may still be in a position to sell for your company either out of necessity or because you like to. Either way, forecasting, resourcing, and knowing when projects begin and end and will help you keep consistent workflow available for your employees. If … Read More

Your Customers Don’t Care About Industry Trends

While you might be thinking that you need to stay on top of the latest industry trends, technology, and advancements, your customers aren’t thinking about those things at all. Certainly, you should stay abreast of trends and whatever else is new out there in your industry, but that doesn’t mean implementing things immediately.   Your Customers Don’t Care About Experiments On the whole, customers are looking for reliability, experience, and consistency. Trying out the latest and supposedly greatest new thing in your industry might give you something to brag about with other folks in your industry, that is until it fails, but your customers aren’t going to care. They aren’t even going to pay attention for the most part.   … Read More

Can Proper Market Positioning Increase Your Company’s Value?

We’ve been talking about two things simultaneously for the last few days: the value of a company and exit strategies or selling a business. They tend to go hand in hand as any value built into a company translates directly into its valuation. Even intangible things like employee morale, or perceived value play into the value of your company. What about an intangible like market positioning?   Market Positioning and Company Value How you position your company has long term and lasting effects. Believe it or not, it affects your business immediately and in the future. Position your company incorrectly or in the wrong market and you may not have a business for long. Set up your company in a … Read More

Business Basics: Building Value

When you start your business you might not be thinking about building value into it. You might just be thinking about having enough customers to stay afloat, play your employees, and hopefully have enough left over to pay yourself. But building value into your business is important. Basically you are reinvesting money wisely. You don’t even need to be thinking about selling your business to build value into it.   Building Value Wisely While you might not be intending to sell your business, managing your business on a daily basis like you intend to sell is a great way to build value without thinking about it as building value into your company. In a sense, it is like adding equity … Read More

Client Spotlight: Ananda Farms

There is nothing like a sunset in the mountains, especially when you are standing on a tucked away plot of land that is supremely quiet. We got to visit Ananda Farms last night. The farm is situated in the beautiful Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon, surrounded by coastal mountains and looking out over the valley’s vineyards and farm land. It’s private, secluded, and quiet, which is exactly what they love about their location.   The Beginnings Ananda Farms got their start growing medicinal herbs like echinacea and calendula. Fortunately, medicinal herbs function extremely similarly and transitioning from traditional medicinals to cannabis was an easy step. Terpenoids – what give flowers and herbs their distinctive smells – are at the base … Read More

Business Basics: Selling Your Business

While you might be thinking, “I just started my business, why would I think about leaving it or selling it?” having an end game plan helps you align your business goals to doing what you want to do with your business. Do you want to simply close up shop, and move on? Are you planning on selling your business to the highest bidder so that you have a nice retirement nest egg? Or are you looking for the business to die with you?   Moving On: Your End Game If you are very attached to your business – it has your name, it is everything you have ever worked for, it’s a family legacy, etc – then you might want … Read More