Alternative Medicine Websites – Prospecting or Retargeting?

Retargeting for Alternative Medicine Websites

As the popularity of alternative medicine continues to elevate, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an elite website and advertise it prudently.

There are countless channels to advertise alternative medicine websites, however some of them are clearly superior to others.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s break down potential advertising targets into two categories:

1) Prospecting

Prospecting is the process of seeking out new clients who have never been to your website before and who (presumably) are entirely unaware of your business.

  • Advantages: prospecting fills the top of the marketing funnel, builds awareness of your business, and can be done very cheaply if done correctly.
  • Disadvantages: prospecting visitors convert at very poor rates, prospecting requires a substantial time investment as well as frequent experimentation to find what works, it is very easy waste substantial sums of money with negligible returns

2) Retargeting

Retargeting is solely focused on bringing previous visitors back to your website.

  • Advantages: these visitors are generally lower in the funnel and closer to making a purchasing decision, retargeting consistently keeps your brand name “in front” of previous visitors, retargeting almost always produces more conversions/revenue per visits.
  • Disadvantages: the cost is significantly higher (per click and per impression) than prospecting

An ideal strategy for most businesses would include both types of digital marketing – thereby striking at both the top and the bottom of the marketing funnel. However, the alternative medicine industry inherently falls along divisive lines of thought. Consequently it is difficult to “convince” those with skepticism regarding alternative medicine to complete desired actions on your website.

Therefore it makes the sense to focus a substantial portion of the budget on retargeting.

In my experience the best approach to remarketing is to initially deploy a diverse range of campaigns across multiple networks, and to follow-up by shifting budget to whichever networks worked best.

In the world of alternative medicine, though, social media retargeting has consistently proven most effective. Facebook retargeting is especially useful because it allows you to simultaneously retarget previous visitors while also including additional layers like demographics and specific interests – including medicinal interests. The value of bringing a previous visitor back to your website, somebody who is furthermore interested in medicine, is tremendously beneficial and likely to result in positive ROI.

For more details regarding prospecting versus retargeting for your alternative medicine website, contact Businesstastic and we will gladly provide you with a free consultation.