Google Analytics for Beginners

google analytics for beginners

Google Analytics is a complex vortex of data. The sheer volume of information contained within Google Analytics often discourages beginners from attempting to master it, despite its widely understood usefulness. Most novices, however, are unaware that even the most savvy users of the tool tend to view Analytics through a very narrow lens that filters out unnecessary statistical noise. There is simply too much to know, too much to monitor, and too much to adequately utilize on a daily basis. In other words, it is important for beginners to take a deep breath. Even seasoned webmasters can be perplexed by the data they monitor daily. So – what should Google Analytics beginners focus on? There are two primary starting points … Read More

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

how to use facebook

Heavy lies the crown. Once unrivaled in its reign of popularity, Facebook is warding off increased competition every day from a swelling legion of social media foes like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others. The armies waging war against Facebook are growing, and it seems like every opposing start up is joining rank to participate in the onslaught. However, Facebook does unquestionably remain the king of social media in 2015. And until its crown is toppled by a rival, it still behooves all advertisers to consider forming an advertising allegiance with the venerable leader. But how can your business utilize Facebook to expand into an empire? What follows are some basic tips that all business can follow to amplify its … Read More

FREE Ways to Get your Website Noticed

get your website noticed

You’ve built your website and now it’s time to build traffic. There are many PAID ways to drive traffic to your site, but there are also a few FREE ways to get your website noticed. If you have more time than money, then here are a few ideas to help you attract more site visitors. Build Relevant Content Building relevant content is highly critical if you want to attract and keep people on your site. Consider utilizing your pages as well as your blog to create content that resonates with your target audience. Feature articles on your blog that share your expertise and knowledge on a topic, and offer whitepapers for download to build up leads. You can even create … Read More

How Often Should I Email My Customers?

email marketing frequency

With email marketing being more cost effective than traditional advertising methods, business owners are constantly trying to figure out how often they should email their customers. In the meantime most consumers are trying to figure out how to get off email lists in general. Because there is nothing more annoying that having your inbox blow up with emails from everyone under the sun trying to sell you something. Most of the time we unknowingly sign up for marketing emails when we purchase items online and other times we just end up on someone’s spam list. It’s beyond frustrating and most people quickly hit the “delete” or “unsubscribe” button before even reading the message, yes, even I do it and I … Read More

Logo vs a Brand, do you know the difference?

a logo vs a brand

Marketing can be confusing at times, but it doesn’t need to be. Many people have a hard time understanding the difference between a logo vs a brand or better yet, why they are both so important to their business. It can be tricky because a logo is not solely a brand, and a brand is not solely a logo, but they work together to help create an overall impression and image for your company. THE DIFFERENCE Simply put, a logo is a mark or symbol that can be used to identify your company, it can be placed on products, marketing materials, and more. While a brand is a bit more complex. A brand is sometimes viewed as just being a … Read More


hipaa compliant website

As a medical professional, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a web presence. We all know that HIPAA compliance is an important consideration for any medical practice, but do you actually know if the forms on your website are compliant? Do you need to have a HIPAA-compliant website in the first place? This is an issue that all medical practices face with advancements in technology and the use of website design to capture patient information online. The HIPAA Security Rules apply to health care plans, health clearinghouses, and to any healthcare provider who transmits protected health information (PHI) electronically. Basically if you plan on having a customer submit protected information via your website, you need to have a HIPAA … Read More

Why Do I Need A Website?

why do I need a website

Small business owners are decision makers by nature. Performing daily calculations of risk versus reward, as well as investment versus potential return on investment, are unavoidable components of nurturing the growth of a business. The question ‘why do I need a website’ is a common one, what with free website builders, social media, and the multitude of other non-website online tools readily available. This one decision confronts all business owners, regardless of their industry, as to whether or not building, launching, and maintaining a website is worthy of the substantial investment. The answer, universally, is yes. Here’s 5 reasons why! Reasons You Need A Website 1) Visibility More than 2 billion people use the internet every day, and furthermore it … Read More