Mike Grill // June 23, 2017

While it is true that Google cracked down on keyword stuffing a few years ago, there are still plenty of ways to ensure that your web pages are filled with the types of keywords that will attract the right users to your site.   Middle End SEO Basics These changes are not the front end, […]


Mike Grill // June 22, 2017

Last year, during a now famous Google Hangout, Gary Illyes let the SEO world know that the three most important ranking factors for Google were: Content Links RankBrain With the first two appearing in no particular order. We are not going to touch on RankBrain, but we will talk about how quality content and links […]


Mike Grill // June 21, 2017

Yesterday we wrote about the Technology Week summit in Washington D.C. and how the Trump administration is looking to update the government’s technology. The government also has yearly budget of around $80 million for its technology and some of the biggest names in tech like Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and Eric Schmidt are vying for […]

Mike Grill // June 20, 2017

Silicon Valley Execs in Washington   It seems strange that the Trump administration would be able to call the top Silicon Valley execs to Washington when so many have been critical of him, but he’s done it twice. Yesterday, a meeting, organized by Jared Kushner, between 18 tech execs and the administration took place in […]

Mike Grill // June 19, 2017

SEO Basics Search Engine Optimization is how websites let Google know what exactly is on each page. This is done through both visible content and things that live behind the curtain. So when you write a blog – like this one about SEO basics- that is a foot in the SEO door. Visible Content Google, […]


Todd Werkhoven // February 9, 2016

We live in the age of content. Every day streams of information, articles, lists, tips, recipes, and endless amounts of “hacks” flow over us via the television, radio, and website. However, much of this information is less than informative, and you often get the sense that new content get posted simply because it was time to post something, […]


Kyle Moynihan // January 13, 2016

Retargeting for Alternative Medicine Websites

As the popularity of alternative medicine continues to elevate, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an elite website and advertise it prudently. There are countless channels to advertise alternative medicine websites, however some of them are clearly superior to others. For the sake of simplicity, let’s break down potential advertising targets into two categories: 1) […]

Todd Werkhoven // December 28, 2015

usability businesstastic

When it comes to your business on the internet, the question isn’t so much “Does my business need a website?” The question is, “How do I make a impactful effective website that works for my business and customers?” Simply having a “web presence” is no longer enough. For many people, your website may be the […]

Kyle Moynihan // December 22, 2015

seo errors businesstastic

All businesses seem to acknowledge that SEO is vitally important. However, very few engage in the process correctly. I generally abide by two very simple SEO rules. The first is “do no harm” and the second is “fix what’s broken”. By “do no harm” I am referring to avoiding black hat tactics that actively damage […]


Businesstastic // December 18, 2015

small business management

Small business management can be challenging, but here are a few tips to help you down the path to success… Get and Stay Organized Set up processes, tools and training to help your team execute tasks and be successful in their jobs. When you set up systems that work, not only will your employees be […]

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