Businesstastic // September 22, 2015

improve click through rates

Simply put, the meta description is the text that appears under the blue link text in Google or other search engine results pages. It is added to each page of your website by inserting a meta tag with description copy inside of the head tag of each document on your website. For example: If your […]

Tom Mertz // September 21, 2015

google business

More and more these days people are using their devices to discover businesses near them. Business location, hours, and directions are just a Google search away and it’s important that your business registers with Google so that you can maximize your business’s visibility on the web. Not only will your business information appear in search […]

Businesstastic // September 16, 2015

how to take photos for your website

If you’re relatively new to owning an E-commerce website you may have overlooked the importance of high quality product photography. Professional product photos will lend credibility and trustworthiness to your business putting users one step closer to converting into paying customers. Quality photography is also the perfect compliment to a well designed website. On the […]

Brett Moore // September 14, 2015

password security for small businesses

Let’s be real, passwords are annoying, everyday we are asked to enter in a password for our email, a pin for our debit card, and a security code to open our garage door. There are so many different combinations for different “secure” places in our lives that remembering the passwords we have is a chore […]

Kyle Moynihan // September 13, 2015

web design for small business

Successful small business owners share a common trait – they are absolutely tenacious in exploiting their advantages over their more sizey and cumbersome competition. One of those advantages lies in web design. Larger and more established companies are often fearful of alienating their well-established customer base by joltingly implementing a foreign design. Small businesses, however, […]

Brett Moore // September 12, 2015

content management system for small business

If your business website is outdated, chances are you are relying on a “static” webpage to display your information to your targeted audience. A static or fixed website is usually a “brochure” type of site where the content does not need to change often or at all and where the number of pages is typically […]

Businesstastic // September 10, 2015

Much like you shouldn’t attempt to perform surgery on yourself or represent yourself in a court of law, you shouldn’t attempt to take on designing and marketing your website either. Because what seems like a savings in the beginning can actually cost a lot more in the long run, not to mention, waste a ton […]

Kyle Moynihan // August 14, 2015

How to Reply to Negative Reviews Online

Nothing can implode a new business owner’s mood more quickly than seeing a scathing negative review on a popular website like Yelp or Google. As a small business owner you want very badly to be liked, you try very diligently to be liked, but alas – something went awry with somebody and now the entire […]

Businesstastic // August 6, 2015

best website designs for small business post

The web has taken giant strides forward in the relatively short time it’s been around. Geocities sites littered with animated gifs are (mostly) a thing of the past but let’s face it, there are still quite a few bad websites out there. Maybe they’re difficult to use, confusing, or just plain look bad. With a […]

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